CSSC loves to work with controlled schools to promote and celebrate pupils' success. If you have something to showcase, please let us know. Additional information can be found under publications.

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School Ethos

03 July 2020

CSSC has been inspired by recent stories from controlled schools and how they reflect school ethos. A number of Principals kindly shared their experiences with us in a series of videos. 

Victoria Pk PS School building photo

Victoria Park Primary School are truly brave

02 July 2020

Victoria Park Primary School opened in September 2008. The new school was the amalgamation of a number of schools in the Sydenham area of East Belfast, including Mersey Street Primary School, Sydenham Infants and Strand Primary School. The schools merged into the old Strand building, clearing the Sydenham site for a new state-of-the art school which was opened in 2014.

DPS photo collage of primary 7

Hollywood style farewell to Primary 7

02 July 2020

We continue with the CSSC series of news stories on schools while they operate in varied and exceptional circumstances.  This week we hear from Mr David Thompson, Principal, Dungannon Primary School. 

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Controlled school Principals share their lockdown experiences

02 July 2020

CSSC wishes to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and commitment of the teaching community within controlled schools. Thank you to the Principals that have shared their thoughts on teaching in lockdown with us.

Reece Murphy

Strabane Primary prize giving ceremony

02 July 2020

Reece Murphy, a P7 pupil at Strabane Primary School writes about this year’s prize giving ceremony at his school.

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ETI Continuity of Learning Guidance for Schools

30 June 2020

The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) was commissioned by the Department of Education as part of the Continuity of Learning Programme to provide guidance on effective ways in which the curriculum could be tailored (planned for, implemented and assessed) across the range of areas of learning and subject areas for a phased return for children to full-time education.

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Church leaders show their appreciation to all those working in controlled schools

29 June 2020

At the end of the academic year, the leaders of the three churches which make up the Transferor Representatives’ Council (TRC), have commended the efforts and commitment of all staff, teachers, Principals and governors in the controlled school sector.

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Joint CSSC and EA letter to controlled schools

23 June 2020

CSSC congratulates the staff, teachers, Principals and governors of controlled schools in maintaining continuity of learning and support for pupils during recent times. Education has only continued throughout the lockdown period due to the immense contribution of all controlled school staff.

Hezlett PS under the sea

Hezlett Primary School

15 June 2020

Hezlett Primary School pupils have been engaging in lots of learning activities to keep motivated since lockdown commenced on 23 March.

Culmore Primary School

Life at Culmore Primary School

15 June 2020

We continue with the CSSC series of news stories on schools while they operate in varied and exceptional circumstances. This week we hear from Clare McMenamin, Principal, Culmore Primary School.