Election of parent and teacher governors

As part of the reconstitution of boards of governors, parent and teacher members of boards of governors will also be elected this year. Existing parent and teacher governors should remain in post until their successors take up post.

Parent governors

The term “parent” includes a guardian and every person who has the actual custody of the pupil.

  • Parent governors must be elected by parents of pupils attending the school (or schools) at the time of the election.
  • An elected parent governor remains in office for the 4-year term (unless they resign) even if the child is no longer attending the school. 
  • Each eligible parent can nominate candidates, vote and stand for election (this is not restricted to one parent per family).
  • Nomination and election can be done by post or at a meeting, whichever is most suitable and depending on the number of nominees. 
  • If the number of nominees is equal to, or fewer than, the number of places to be filled, all candidates should be deemed to have been elected, without the need for a vote.

Teacher governors

  • Teacher governors must be elected by other teachers at the school (this excludes the Principal and temporary teachers). 
  •  An elected teacher governor will no longer hold this position if they are not employed as a permanent teacher in the school.
  • Arrangements for the election of teacher governors should be drawn up by school authorities after consultation, either directly with the teachers or with their representatives. 

Additional general information

  • Any votes taken should be by secret ballot.
  • If two or more candidates receive an equal number of votes during an election held at a meeting, a further ballot should be held in order to split the candidates. Only the candidates with the same number of votes should be involved in this ballot. 
  • Where two or more primary schools have been grouped together under one Board of Governors, one election involving all the schools should be held.

  For further information visit EA website.