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The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) is the sectoral support body for controlled schools in Northern Ireland. CSSC works on behalf of controlled schools and the wider controlled education sector to enhance the quality of education provision.

The controlled education sector is the largest, most diverse education sector in Northern Ireland comprising 49% of all schools across all phases: nursery, special, primary, secondary, grammar, integrated and Irish medium schools. Controlled schools are managed by the Education Authority.

Controlled schools are #OpenToAll, welcoming children and young people of all faiths and none, richly diverse and inclusive, reflective of and embedded in the communities they serve.

CSSC became operational on 1st September 2016 as a result of The Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.

CSSC is grant funded by Department of Education.

CSSC's vision
CSSC’s vision is to empower controlled schools to serve their communities by enriching the lives of their children and young people.


CSSC’s mission

  • Support better outcomes for all pupils through provision of high-quality education.
  • Build understanding that the controlled sector is diverse and inclusive.
  • Promote the role controlled schools have in serving their communities.
  • Engage and collaborate with partners to ensure equitable support for the controlled sector.
  • Optimise opportunities to encourage effective governance in controlled schools.
  • Represent the sector effectively to ensure an enduring and valued role for controlled schools within a network of sustainable schools.
  • Promote trust and respect by nurturing a collective ethos, reflective of the controlled sector’s values and culture.

CSSC Ethos
The Controlled Schools’ Support Council supports controlled schools, which are open to all faiths and none, in providing high-quality education for children and young people to enable them to learn, develop and grow together, within the ethos of non-denominational Christian values and principles.

Watch videos below for further information.

CSSC Vision video