Controlled schools are #OpenToAll

Rosetta PS #OpenToAll

The controlled sector is the largest education sector accounting for 49% of all of Northern Ireland’s schools, including 63 nursery schools, 380 primary schools and 69 post primary schools. Controlled schools are open to all faiths and none which brings a rich diversity and inclusive ethos.

Controlled schools have a positive shared ethos which contributes significantly to the success of the sector, offering quality education, excellent pastoral care and a commitment to the wellbeing of every child.

Read news story on #OpenToAll .

Please find #OpenToAll images and video which can be used by controlled schools for promotional purposes:

  • add to controlled school website
  • use in creating original posts on all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) tag @CSSC_NI and use #OpenToAll hashtag. Please share directly from video or alternatives below
  • video embed code available here
  • download #OpenToAll video here
  • or simply click on the word Vimeo on the bottom right hand corner of the video to download.

Would your school be interested in:

  • geting involved with CSSC's work on #OpenToAll?
  • accessing customisable digital frames to promote diversity and inclusivity in your school?
  • having a chat with CSSC about opportunities for CSSC to visit your school and interview your staff/Board of Governors/pupils.

Get in contact with CSSC's MRC team or the Marketing and Communication Officer at to discuss further.