Ethos Self-Evaluation Toolkit

Ethos toolkit graphic

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council has worked with schools and other stakeholders to develop its Ethos Self-Evaluation Toolkit.

Ethos needs to be living and breathing in a school. It should be evident from the moment you walk into the building, and permeate through all aspects of school life.

It is recommended that a controlled school downloads Part 1 and the relevant Part 2.

Part 1 is applicable to all schools. It contains case studies showcasing how ethos is central to controlled schools and an introduction to the toolkit. Part 1 also contains guidance on carrying out a baseline assessment of a school’s ethos.

Part 2 of the Ethos Self-Evaluation Toolkit is phase specific, comprising a number of questionnaires and guidance on conducting structured conversations to assist schools with the evaluation of their ethos.

Guidance on analysis is also provided.

The questionnaires and the structured conversation form can be used as they are or adapted/customised as a school chooses to reflect their unique/individual circumstances. For example, they can be anonymous or a signature option can be added for some or all stakeholder groups. Questionnaire items can be removed or adapted, or other questionnaire items can be added to suit each individual school.

Please don’t hesitate to contact CSSC if you have any queries relating to ethos. 

Read case studies from controlled schools outlining their ethos work.