CSSC loves to work with controlled schools to promote and celebrate pupils' success. If you have something to showcase, please let us know. Additional information can be found under publications.

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Call out to school leaders for information to showcase your school, staff and pupils

07 August 2020

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) advocates on behalf of controlled schools. Part of this advocacy includes celebrating the achievements of our schools, staff and young people and given the circumstances of the last six months the recognition of the work of the sector is essential.

Barbara Preston

Talking about nurture

07 August 2020

Nurture approaches emphasise the importance of understanding what lies behind a child’s behaviour and, in assessing the child’s learning needs, the importance of understanding their social and emotional needs.  Relationships and the school environment are crucial in supporting the child’s ability to respond to others, to develop their resilience and remove barriers to learning.  Controlled schools are committed to providing learning opportunities which consider the social, emotional and learning needs of all pupils and understand the importance of creating safe, nurturing environments in which the child is able to respond to others, feels a sense of belonging and is supported at every transition in their school life. 


Appointment of Expert Panel to examine educational underachievement and social disadvantage welcomed

07 August 2020

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) welcomes the appointment of an Expert Panel to examine the links between educational underachievement and social disadvantage and looks forward to engaging with the Panel and will assist this important work in any way we can.

Grange Park examples

Home learning, Grange Park Primary School style

07 August 2020

Grange Park Primary School were very fortunate that they had previously established online learning practices. Teachers were proficient, having had systems in place for many years. This developed further as the school explored even more ways of keeping in touch during lockdown.

Augher Primary

Augher Central Primary School wave goodbye to class of 2020

07 August 2020

Augher Central Primary School said farewell to their Primary 7 class of 2020 with a creative message to inspire pupils as they headed off to begin the next chapter in their educational journey. Andrea Sawyers, Principal, and Rev Olie Downey, Chair of Board of Governors, alongside staff who had taught them throughout their seven years sent special video messages to the children as they said farewell to their primary school life. With a parting message: 'Reach for the Stars, follow that rainbow and your dreams will all come true’.

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School Ethos

03 July 2020

CSSC has been inspired by recent stories from controlled schools and how they reflect their school ethos. A number of Principals kindly shared their experiences with us in a series of videos. 

Victoria Pk PS School building photo

Victoria Park Primary School are truly brave

02 July 2020

Victoria Park Primary School opened in September 2008. The new school was the amalgamation of a number of schools in the Sydenham area of East Belfast, including Mersey Street Primary School, Sydenham Infants and Strand Primary School. The schools merged into the old Strand building, clearing the Sydenham site for a new state-of-the art school which was opened in 2014.

DPS photo collage of primary 7

Hollywood style farewell to Primary 7

02 July 2020

We continue with the CSSC series of news stories on schools while they operate in varied and exceptional circumstances.  This week we hear from Mr David Thompson, Principal, Dungannon Primary School. 

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Controlled school Principals share their lockdown experiences

02 July 2020

CSSC wishes to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and commitment of the teaching community within controlled schools. Thank you to the Principals that have shared their thoughts on teaching in lockdown with us.

Reece Murphy

Strabane Primary prize giving ceremony

02 July 2020

Reece Murphy, a P7 pupil at Strabane Primary School writes about this year’s prize giving ceremony at his school.