CSSC's Ethos and Leadership programme 2024/25

CSSC's Ethos and Leadership programme for 2024/25 is now open for booking. Further details of the Ethos and Leadership programme can be accessed here.

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Welcome to the CSSC Ethos and Leadership Programme which has been developed by the Controlled Schools’ Support Council for Principals, Governors and Senior Leaders in controlled schools. The CSSC Ethos and Leadership Programme is based on the belief that ethos is foundational in the life of a school and fundamental to its successful development at all levels and, most importantly, to the educational experience of the pupils.

CSSC encourages you to look at the range of modules available and consider what is appropriate for your personal ethos journey and also your school. There is no cost for the programme modules for controlled schools which are facilitated within your school or with a cluster of schools.The Building Capacity Programme, which is centre-based, may require schools to provide substitute cover. 

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Should you require any further clarification please contact your School Support Officer who will be happy to speak to you regarding the CSSC Ethos and Leadership Programme.


16 May 2024