Waringstown PS Ezra at his writing des

Waringstown Primary School’s aspiring author!

Waringstown Primary school pupil Ezra Gault has been spending his free time writing wonderful stories. He brings them to life using his artistic skills to create drawings to sit alongside the stories.

The inspiration came from an online video from Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator, Jeff Kinney. There has been no stopping Ezra and he’s now branched out into new characters.

Seven year old Ezra taught himself how to draw from an online video and has continued to create his own characters and storylines.

Ezra’s first story was Diary of an Awesome Cool Kid. His creativity and amazing ideas crept into his school work.

Martin Gault, Dad and Vice Principal at Waringstown Primary School said,

"He loves the Dogman books by Dav Pilkey and is working on a new collection called The Advenchures of Dog Boy stories. It keeps him entertained for hours and feeds his imagination and helps his writing skills to improve."

"He even asked about translating his work into foreign languages and get them all printed in hardback! In future years when people ask him what he did in lockdown he can pull out his own books and show them."

Ezra's parents have gathered his work together into print format which will be treasured by the family in the years ahead.


26 February 2021