Victoria Pk PS School building photo

Victoria Park Primary School are truly brave

Victoria Park Primary School opened in September 2008. The new school was the amalgamation of a number of schools in the Sydenham area of East Belfast, including Mersey Street Primary School, Sydenham Infants and Strand Primary School. The schools merged into the old Strand building, clearing the Sydenham site for a new state-of-the art school which was opened in 2014.

Over these past few months Victoria Park Primary School has watched their children grow from afar and are so proud of how ‘Truly Brave’ they have been in rising to all the challenges these testing times have brought. The newly-formed staff choir at Victoria Park Primary School recorded a special song just for all of them. 

Ellen Boyd, the music co-ordinator at Victoria Park Primary School, reached out to the children and parents in a creative way and enlisted the help of P7 teacher, Lauren McKnight. Both teachers worked together to choose a song and organise Zoom choir practices for other staff members, as well as providing assistance with recording. All the staff were more than willing to send in recordings and pictures or videos with special messages for the children. 

The end result was to bring smiles to their faces and reassure the children that although they aren't together in the classroom right now, they are still very much a part of the school and are in their thoughts. 

Ordinarily in the third term of school the hallways would be filled with the sounds of the choir singing and orchestra rehearsing for all the various end of year events, such as tunes and treats, afternoon tea with musical accompaniment, and the leavers' service.

Whilst these events haven't been possible this year, the school was delighted that members of staff were so willing to form a staff choir in order to create this special message for the pupils. 

Mrs Andrea Gourley, Principal, Victoria Park Primary school said,

“I’m so proud of the staff of Victoria Park in their thoughtfulness to want to do this for the children. It reflects the care they demonstrate in wanting to show the children that they missed them. They also had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed a Zoom rehearsal and then recording themselves individually. Ellen and Lauren, two of the teachers, did a fantastic job in then layering all of the separate recordings for the final production.”