Ballywalter snug with pupil and teacher

Take a Wiggle Walk at Ballywalter

The Snug and the Wiggle Walk, two new sensory environments for pupils, are now officially open at Ballywalter Primary School.

Developed through the hard work of staff over the summer, these projects are part of the ongoing work to make the school environment stimulating and beneficial to the pupils.  Teachers Sarah Walton and Lara Doyle were instrumental in the development of these resources.

The Snug is a sensory room, converted from a walk-in store room due to a restricted budget and limited space.  It was recognised that there was a need for a quiet and relaxing environment for pupils which would promote interaction with pupils across the different senses. The equipment in the room was chosen to stimulate the senses through various scents, sounds, textures and colours. 

Pupils make use of the Wiggle Walk when it is time for a movement break, in addition to the already available daily mile.  This sensory trail along the main corridor encourages the children to move in a way which will help develop their balance, strength, spatial orientation and co-ordination.

More photos and videos can be seen on the school Twitter page, @BallywalterPS


6 November 2019