Special schools disproportionately impacted by minibus restrictions

The Controlled Schools' Support Council has today, Wednesday, 21 June 2017, highlighted its concerns regarding restrictions on which teachers can drive school minibuses.

This restriction, which means that no teacher can drive a school minibus unless they hold a D1 license and a driver’s qualification card, will impact on all schools.

CSSC representative Raymond McFeeters, Principal of Castle Tower and Ardnashee School and College, two controlled special schools, said

Special schools in particular will be disproportionately impacted by this restriction.

Minibuses are used on a daily basis in special schools.  They are integral to enable us to deliver our curriculum, for example when taking pupils on excursions to develop their life skills.

It is likely to cost up to £1000 per person to take the appropriate driving test and a number of teachers from each school will need to do so.

Given the uncertainty surrounding school budgets, schools have indicated to me that they don't know how they will pay for this training.

It is an important that EA understands the additional pressure this will put on school budgets.