Shared education partnership message delivered in a song

As part of their shared education partnership the pupils of Killowen Primary School and St John’s Primary School, Coleraine have worked throughout the pandemic to Take 5 steps to wellbeing.

Kiloween PS Coleraine shared education partnership

The two school councils have worked jointly with Ian Hannah, a local musician, to compose a song in the style of a rap. The children have loved performing it and welcomed their families to the launch on the Big Screen in Christie Park recently for the grand reveal. The children’s voices could be heard singing the messages loud and clear!

“These are Our Streets, We are Proud, Let’s Take Care of One Another.” A shared education partnership that includes the pupils and the community in which they live and learn.

The children have also been fundraising for a defibrillator for the local community, organising community litter picks, visiting the residents of Killowen House and organising food and essential parcels for those who may need them.

Their latest venture has been to work together to remind everyone how special their local community is and to encourage all to look after it and to look after one another.

To watch the shared education partnership video please click here.

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15 March 2022