Schools Think Next - What does the future look like for education in Northern Ireland?

Schools Think Next is a series of online conversations that will provide a space to engage with ideas about the future of education in Northern Ireland schools. 

British Council Schools Think Next Logo

 The British Council Northern Ireland series will bring local and international perspectives to vital conversations about learning from the experience of Covid-19, as well as possibilities for longer-term system change.

Schools Think Next engages with a wide range of local and international educational thinkers, researchers, practitioners and others to explore possible answers to two key questions:

  • What should be left in the past?
  • What should be embraced for the future?

The wider international online engagement builds on local thinking and provides a platform for sharing of ideas and experience across different countries.

British Council Northern Ireland encourage schools to get involved in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SchoolsThinkNext.


9 November 2020