Schools body disappointed at loss of extended schools’ funding

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) has today, Tuesday, 22 May 2018, responded to news that 63 schools are to lose extended school funding and that this will impact on a range of provision including breakfast and homework clubs.

Chief Executive Barry Mulholland said 

CSSC understands that there is a finite amount of funding for schools. However this action will impact on disadvantaged pupils who need support through the investment of a modest amount of money.  

This cut will have a disproportionate impact on pupils and families who rely on this provision.

Extended schools funding enables those schools serving the most disadvantaged areas to offer a wide range of services or activities outside of the normal school day to help meet the learning and development needs of pupils, their families and local communities, and include breakfast and homework clubs. 

Barry Mulholland continued, 

Extended schools funding is extremely important to the children who benefit from it and CSSC is disappointed that many pupils will now lose out. 

By way of example, breakfast clubs provide children with a nutritious start to the day, supporting both children’s learning and parents. 

Enabling children to succeed at school and achieve their potential is fundamental.  Homework clubs support pupils who may not have the opportunity to complete homework at home, and so closing homework clubs will affect the children who need them the most. 

CSSC acknowledges that a different cohort of schools is now eligible for funding, but this does not help pupils and families who already benefit from the current funding arrangement that will now cease. 

The added value of this extended schools funding programme should be appreciated.  The difference it makes to the children who benefit is significant.