Saintfield High School

Saintfield High School focus on pupil wellbeing

At Saintfield High School each and every child is treated as an individual. Staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have invested time and creative resources to meet the personal holistic needs of all pupils. 

This was evident when pupils recently returned to school with primary objective being to focus upon restorative and child-centred support. 

Each pupil engaged in a process of discussion and reflection with their form tutor providing an opportunity to articulate thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding returning to school. Pupil wellbeing lessons provided a useful forum to consider all that has occurred, as well take time to look to the future with anticipation and excitement for all that lies ahead for pupils.

All pupils participated in a ‘Restart Reconnect’ programme, centred around games, team building exercises and lots of fun! Pupils thoroughly enjoyed and embraced the programme.

Saintfield High School pupils’ emotional, mental and physical wellbeing have been greatly enriched by the menu of activities presented to them. Pupil and staff feedback has been so positive that the outdoor well-being programme will continue to be implemented to the end of this academic year.


13 May 2021