Pupils present staff appreciation cards

Limavady High School gave pupils the opportunity to thank a member of staff for their kindness during the first term of the 2020/2021 school year.

Appreciation card for Mr Mornin

Postcards were handed out to pupils and they had the opportunity to select a particular member of staff they would like to thank. They wrote their name on the postcard and a reason why they were thanking them. Pupils thanked the ladies in the canteen, the caretakers, teaching assistants, teachers, and principal to name a few.

The pupils were keen to thank staff for making them feel safe and welcome at school. Year 8 pupils talked about how they felt they had settled in well and were generally happy in school.

The cards were received with humble thanks from all staff. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to fill out the cards and staff were very appreciative of the timely encouragement that they brought.

Mrs Julie Craig, Science Teacher and PR Officer, Limavady High School commented,

“At Limavady High School we are a family, we care for one another and go above and beyond each day to ensure our pupils are safe and happy at school. Giving the pupils the opportunity to reflect and say thank you to staff is beneficial for them and for those who receive these. It is the lift they need.” 


1 December 2020