Limavady Shared Education Campus opening - A leading example of shared education and inclusion in action

The  £11million shared education campus in Limavady was officially opened by the First Minister Michelle O’Neill and deputy First Minister Emma Little-Pengelly. Education Minister Paul Givan accompanied the ministers to view the newly completed campus bringing together St Mary’s and Limavady High School sites with a range of new shared facilities.  

CCMS, the managing authority for Catholic maintained schools and CSSC, the support body for controlled schools, jointly congratulated Limavady High School and St. Mary’s High School on the official opening of our first Shared Education Campus. Limavady Shared Education Campus is a leading example of shared education and inclusion in action in the Limavady community. The opening of the campus follows decades of cooperation between the two schools ensuring the children and young people in Limavady were educated together.


Limavady shared education campus opening

Mark Baker, Chief Executive, CSSC, recognised the achievements of Limavady High School and St. Mary’s High School and the difference shared education has made for generations of children and young people as well as the local Limavady community. He said it reinforces the need for a vision and strategy for education that includes everyone working together and all voices being listened to. 

He stated "Shared education provides the opportunity for pupils from different backgrounds to come together, forge new friendships, experiences and access to a broader range of learning opportunities. CSSC supports our children and young people being educated together and believes that shared education is critical in our changing society. Limavady Shared Education Campus is a fitting testament to the commitment of the innovative school leaders and a legacy of their predecessors. Personally I would like to congratulate Darren and Rita and their colleagues on this achievement.” 

Eve Bremner, Chief Executive, CCMS commended the schools on their long history of sharing. She said "The new campus will enable pupils of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and achieve their full potential and is a reflection of the schools’ commitment to inclusion, innovation and mutual respect. CCMS is proud to be a key stakeholder in this project. We believe strongly in promoting inclusion and diversity within our schools, as well as seeking out opportunities to learn together." 

Speaking at the event on the 21 February, First Minister Michelle O’Neill said: “I truly believe that our children and young people deserve every opportunity to be the best they can be. Investing in our schools is vital to ensuring that our young people are able to reach their full potential,  The importance of providing spaces where our young people can be educated and learn together should be a central part of all our children’s educational experience.  Facilities such as this fantastic Shared Education Campus, deliver not just educational benefits to our children and young people, but promote good relations and respect for identity and diversity and will allow pupils to foster even closer relationships moving forward.”

Deputy First Minister Emma Little-Pengelly stated that new facilities at the campus will provide an excellent learning environment ensuring a space where children and young people, teachers, and practitioners from both schools can develop long lasting relationships and friendships.  She commented "As well as supporting the development of our children and young people, education campuses like this also help to improve relations that reach much deeper and wider into our communities.  While both Limavady High and St Mary’s retain their individual ethos and identity, the shared campus is a physical demonstration of strong, supportive, and interdependent connections between schools and other educational settings which is an important part of our Together Building a United Community (T:BUC) Strategy.”

Education Minister Paul Givan welcomed the completion of campus, acknowledging the hugely significant milestone for the St. Mary’s and Limavady High Schools and more widely as this is the first Shared Education Campus to open in Northern Ireland. He described schools as the hub of any community and stated that the campus will have a major impact not only on the school communities, but also on the local community within Limavady and beyond, promoting good relations and creating many positive outcomes.

21 February 2024