Launch of Controlled Schools’ Support Council

The new education advocacy body for controlled schools was officially launched on Wednesday 8 March at its inaugural AGM, at which it also elected its Directors.  

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council will play a key role in the development of the largest education sector in Northern Ireland, comprising 48% of all schools and over 140,000 pupils.

Barry Mulholland, Chief Executive, said,

"I am thrilled at the support that the Controlled Schools’ Support Council has received from the schools it represents. 

"The need for the Council has been made abundantly clear in the short time it has been in existence, with 90% of controlled schools opting-in to register with us.

"A rich diversity is evident in the controlled sector, including Integrated, a range of special schools and Irish Medium.  It comprises nursery, special, primary, grammar and non-selective post primary schools.

"The inclusivity of the controlled sector is borne out in its underlying ethos.  The fundamental principles of equality, respect, commitment to the value of learning and caring for children and young people drives everything that the sector does.

"Going forward, the Controlled Schools’ Support Council will seek to enhance the quality of educational provision within the controlled sector with a focus on advocacy, ethos, governance and raising standards."

Barry Mulholland added,

"The Controlled Schools’ Support Council will represent, support and advocate on behalf of schools and the sector as a whole.

"Fundamental to this will be working in constructive partnerships with the Education Authority, the Department of Education and other sectoral bodies and, of course, schools, with a view to bringing about improved outcomes for learners."


12 March 2017