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Joint CSSC and EA letter to controlled schools

CSSC congratulates the staff, teachers, Principals and governors of controlled schools in maintaining continuity of learning and support for pupils during recent times. Education has only continued throughout the lockdown period due to the immense contribution of all controlled school staff.

We also wish to acknowledge the role of parents in working with schools and supporting their children’s continued education, especially with many parents working from home whilst looking after children and supervising their learning.

As schools across Northern Ireland reach the end of an unprecedented school year, the Council join with EA below in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to the staff, teachers, Principals and governors of controlled schools.

Dear Colleague,

As we come to the end of the academic year, we wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all controlled schools governors, Principals, teaching and support staff for their outstanding commitment and dedication.

Despite the unprecedented challenges and uncertainty of recent months, school leaders have maintained continuity of learning and support for pupils. We appreciate this work was undertaken whilst simultaneously caring for the most vulnerable children and the children of keyworkers. School leaders have quickly adapted to the situation and we acknowledge the exceptional leadership and support provided to their staff, pupils, families and communities.

Staff in our schools continue to be a credit to their profession. They have worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible learning opportunities are provided to their pupils and for this we are extremely grateful. 

We also recognise the efforts and commitment of staff in special schools, who have continued to provide essential support to children with a range of special educational needs, and their families. 

On behalf of both of our organisations, we thank everyone involved in supporting children and young people throughout this time and we assure you we will do everything we can to continue to support you in the time ahead.

Barry Mulholland, Chief Executive, Controlled Schools' Support Council
Sara Long, Chief Executive, Education Authority