Intelligent connectivity inspires local pupils to change the world

MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world, showcasing the latest in innovation and cutting edge technology.

RH Students Going into Space

The 2019 event was held in February and focused on the theme ‘Intelligent Connectivity’.  Topics included high speed internet networks, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data.

Over 100 pupils from Northern Ireland attended this year’s MCW19 event as part of the mTech.Academy programme, including pupils from Regent House School. To find out more about this incredible learning opportunity, CSSC spoke to pupils and teachers from Regent House School who attended MWC 2019. Ellen Hamilton commented on the experience of meeting some of the world’s largest technology companies:

“MWC is an international market place for companies to showcase their latest software, technology and digital solutions. Some of the leading companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Google and Samsung exhibit. The purpose of our visit was to give students a taste of the technology and innovation industry. It exposed us to the next generation of gadgets and how connectivity is being developed around the world.”

Ethan Barratt spoke about how the event had revealed a range of different career paths:

“When we were at MWC we learned a lot about the technology industry, for example the wide range of jobs and the opportunities available in the future. We also expanded our knowledge of 5G and the technology that can be used with it. The impact of us attending the conference was huge, with a few of us changing our GCSE subject choices and our career paths to focus on this industry. Attending the event inspired us to think about our use of everyday items and processes that are so normal to us and how our generation can improve these and change the world for the better.”

Regent House teachers Miss Rawdon and Miss Ritchie commented on the impact of the trip:

“MWC was fantastic, and potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity for our pupils. They gained an awareness of how vast and varied the technology and business sector is. They got the chance to hear about the different career paths of the industry leaders involved and the various job roles which will be available in the future. They got the chance to see how day to day lives can be enhanced by the developments being made with technology”.

“Being involved in YOMO, the youth conference, and delivering their own presentations, our students developed their communication skills and were made aware of the importance of them. They also greatly benefited from hearing their peers from other schools deliver their presentations. This entire experience has been a wonderful opportunity provided by mTech.Academy. It has been rewarding and relevant for our pupils and has informed their decisions on their own career paths.”


m.Tech.Academy was founded by former Banbridge Academy teacher Diane Morrow, and brings together experts from the education and technology communities to deliver experiential learning for the future of work.

The mTech.Academy programme provides a project-based, technology-centric curriculum that addresses the specific requirements of students, teachers and head teachers, preparing them for new opportunities in the digital world. Combining innovative technology, creativity and real-world skills development, mTech.Academy empowers students, providing a strong foundation to achieve their potential.

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1 April 2019