Group shot with Barry Tracey Jayne and speakers

Innovative practice and responsive interventions in the nursery sector

The Controlled Schools' Support Council was delighted to welcome 37 controlled nursery principals and teachers to its ‘Innovative Practice and Responsive Interventions’ event at Stranmillis University College on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

Delegates were welcomed to the event by CSSC Chief Executive Barry Mulholland who acknowledged the effective practice that is characteristic of controlled nursery schools and units.

Dr Glenda Walsh, Head of Early Years Education, enthused attendees with her presentation on infusing playful teaching and learning indoors and out, while Gillian Beck, Lecturer in Special Education and Inclusion Education at Stranmillis University College led a workshop on the experience of children with ASD and sensory processing difficulties.

A panel discussion, which included Lois Totton of Stranmillis University College, Treasa Hawksford from CCEA, Marie O’Donoghue from the Education Authority and the McCord Trust, and Dr Glenda Walsh, allowed for consideration of the circumstances  conducive to effective teaching and learning.

CSSC Nursery representative Grace Trimble addressed attendees in the afternoon.  She raised awareness of CSSC’s work on behalf of the sector, invited attendees to engage with their School Support Officer and to contact her directly for support and advice.

Tracey Woods School Support Officer stated that the event was a progression of CSSC’s efforts to develop phase specific events that are responsive to the needs of the sector.

“Our previous event for nursery principals and teachers in February of this year was very well received and the overwhelming message from attendees was that there was an appetite for this type of event to allow the sector to share their experiences and to discuss issues specific to early years education”, she said.

Jayne Millar, Head of Education Support, commented on how the event allowed the sector to benefit from the expertise of lecturers at Stranmillis University College, adding “The event was an excellent example of the outworkings of the Memorandum of Understanding between CSSC and Stranmillis University College.”  


18 December 2020