Improving educational outcomes in controlled schools

The Controlled School Support Council’s (CSSC’s) aspiration is for all controlled schools to demonstrate ‘very good’ to ‘outstanding’ educational provision for our children and young people.

In the 2018/19 academic year, CSSC will be offering a number of member schools, in four regional clusters, a place on a programme aimed at senior leaders with responsibilities for managing school improvement. 

The programme will involve building capacity in controlled schools and will include making changes at classroom level, as well as supporting departmental and whole school initiatives.

Three sessions will be delivered in each cluster group with a focus on evidence-based practice, action research, development of professional practice and rigorous self-evaluation. There will be a principals’ meeting at the start of the programme to outline the project plan, commitment required and expected outcomes.

CSSC school support officer Jill Brown recently held a focus group with principals to gain feedback on the proposed structure and content of the course.  This was an opportunity for principals from the sector to review the programme, make suggestions for improvement and to confirm that the programme is informed by the articulated needs of the sector.

Schools will be invited to attend in due course, but if you would like any detail in the meantime, please contact Jill Brown


26 September 2018