Howard Primary School

Howard Primary School raises awareness of mental health

Howard Primary School, Dungannon, has been working throughout the school year to support pupils to develop strategies which will provide them with coping skills when situations become difficult.

The focus on mental health commenced with Howard Primary School joining the wider Dungannon community to focus on raising awareness of mental health through participation in a mental health week in October. The community initiative focused on sharing the Public Health Agency’s ‘Take Five’ message and celebrating World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2018.

Throughout the year, families have been encouraged to talk to their children about the various mental health and wellbeing activities and strategies. Homeworks have also been timetabled to help pupils focus on the messages learnt and encourage special ‘family times’.

The activities have highlighted the importance of mental health for pupils, their families and staff.

Mental health will now be a yearly focus in the school calendar.