Hezlett PS under the sea

Hezlett Primary School

Hezlett Primary School pupils have been engaging in lots of learning activities to keep motivated since lockdown commenced on 23 March.

Every class has had individual challenges and competitions, from designing castles and vehicles to sharing creative designs to represent butterfly life cycles.

Primary 4 had a virtual visit to see some new calves on their teacher's farm and had the opportunity to name them.

There have been art challenges based on topic work, collaborative poems and videos and a fun 'Active Travel' week where pupils had to record all bike and walking journeys on the 'Strava' app and upload their pictures and journey totals. Some pupils added to their journey totals on horseback or in kayaks!

The school has also been engaging in Spar's Virtual Sports Day activities.

All classes keep in touch with classmates via video conferencing.

Donna Winters, Principal, Hezlett Primary School added,

“As a school community we can't wait to be together in the school building again!”