Growing Science project at Irish Society Primary School and Nursery Unit

Growing Science at The Irish Society’s Primary School and Nursery Unit

The Irish Society’s Primary School and Nursery Unit in Coleraine is reaping the benefits of funding awarded by The Royal Society, London. The funding supports teaching and learning providing an exciting programme of science throughout the school. 

The school submitted proposals to The Society on the theme of “Growing Science”, outlining stimulating activities involving all classes from Nursery and Year 1 to Year 7, with the grant being awarded to establish the work this school year. 

The programme ensures pupils develop advanced scientific skills as they progress through the school.   

School Principal, Mr Chris Murdock, said,

“Our school is very excited about this project and the impact it will have on our children’s thinking and problem-solving skills. The funding will allow us to provide enhanced knowledge of science in the curriculum which will enrich our pupils’ skills in the future. We are able to purchase many science resources which will benefit pupils and ensure that the project will be sustainable in the years ahead.”

He added, “This new programme of science will compliment new enhancements introduced in Maths and English last year. It also allows us to involve the whole school from our Nursery children to our Year 7 pupils. We are a forward-thinking school and are continually creating new learning experiences for our pupils.”


Photo credit: Coleraine Chronicle