Ricky Massey Glengormley HS award

Glengormley High School Principal wins Families First NI Best Principal Award

Congratulations to Glengormley High School Principal Ricky Massey who picked up the 2022 Families First Northern Ireland Award for Best Principal.  The school was also a runner up for the Best Post Primary School and Miss Amy Mulholland, Head of Art and Design received the runners up prize.

Ricky Massey, Principal, Glengormley High School told CSSC,

“I am really proud to be awarded with this title and it will take me a little time to get my head around it. This award reflects a significant team effort because no one person can implement complex change on their own.” 

“My real achievement has been my capacity to build a senior leadership team where there is genuine trust aligned with a passion for outstanding education - this has had a significant impact upon every aspect of school.  But, for now, I will enjoy the win and allow myself time to appreciate the reward of hard work.”


14 April 2022