Glengormley High School Pupils Drone Project photo

Glengormley High School launch Drone Academy

CSSC Chief Executive Mark Baker recently visited Glengormley High School to hear about their recently launched Drone Academy from the pupils and staff.  They shared some of learning and skills they gained in the development of the initiative. 

In November 2019, CSSC coordinated an Erasmus programme which lead a group of school leaders from Northern Ireland to Finland and Estonia for a week of research and investigation. 

During this trip, Glengormley High School leaders Ricky Massey and Paul Clarke witnessed drone technology being used to develop the cross curricular skills of ICT, Maths and Geography.  Following months of additional research and the delays associated with the pandemic, Glengormley High School launched it's own Drone Academy - with the vision of enhancing engagement with core ICT and Maths skills - and to develop teaching and learning.  



21 October 2021