Focus on attainment: Priory Integrated College

CSSC’s recent report, ‘Attainment and performance in the controlled sector’, explores patterns of attainment in Northern Ireland’s largest school sector. To accompany the report a series of case studies have been published looking at good practice across the sector. This article provides an overview of Priory Integrated College’s case study.

Priory Integrated College is a co-educational College for over 600 pupils aged 11-18. Over recent years the College has broadened the curriculum offer and addressed the connection between pastoral support and academic progress through effective monitoring and evaluation. 

Effective planning

The College’s School Development Plan is a practical, working document focused on developing further the college’s learning and teaching, achievements and outcomes, pastoral care and leadership and management. 

Raising expectations and performance 

The sharing of assessment data has resulted in greater transparency, accountability, improved target setting and tracking of individual pupil progress. Data is also used to identify the pastoral and attitudinal barriers to learning, which are addressed by pastoral staff in partnership with external support services.

Successful collaboration 

The sharing of classroom practice, learning audits, classroom observation and the collation and analysis of staff and students’ views on the quality of learning and teaching have contributed to greater consistency in teaching approaches across the college. 

Curriculum review 

A review was completed to ensure that the curriculum offer meets the ever widening range of pupil needs and aspirations.

The college subsequently developed a ‘Pathways’ curriculum at key stages three and four, and a five year approach to developing the skills for success at the end of KS4 for all pupils.  

Digital Learning Initiative 

The college’s ‘Digital Learning Initiative’ has been supported by strong visionary leadership and drive. The constructive use of IT has contributed to increased levels of pupil engagement, leading to raised standards and improved student outcomes. 

During the last few years, there has been a notable improvement in the attainment of Priory’s students in examinations. To read the full Priory Integrated College case study click here

Published 14 June 2018