Banbridge Academy zoom fitness day Year 9 group

Fitness looms on Zoom!

The PE Department in Banbridge Academy understands the fun and importance of physical education.

The school didn’t want the pupils missing out on valuable exercise time, or the opportunity of working out together. Under the direction of former pupil Jemma Jackson, this year group were put through their paces during their normal timetabled Games sessions. 

Jemma’s sessions were based on short bursts of high intensity cardio and body weight exercises. Most importantly they were fun and challenging as she encouraged the pupils to simply give it a go. 

Jemma is always keen to support her former school with curricular Games sessions and extra-curricular Rugby. 

Robin McLoughlin, Principal, Banbridge Academy commented,

“It has been a great success so far with 90 Year 9 pupils participating at the start of the week. There is so much to miss about school life during online learning especially the fun and health benefits from PE and Games, but seeing so many pupils join together demonstrates that the Academy spirit is still very much alive!”


26 January 2021