Duneane Primary School

Duneane Primary School delivering ‘real’ classroom experience

Duneane Primary School is a small, rural primary school situated in the countryside between Toomebridge and Randalstown. Accommodating two classrooms housing: Reception - Primary three and Primary four - seven. 

When Duneane Primary School entered the first period of remote teaching and learning in March 2020 they had one aim, to replicate as much as possible the ‘real’ classroom experience. This has continued to be the school’s aim for all remote teaching and learning.

They chose two familiar platforms, Google Classroom and Class DoJo. These were utilised alongside the ICT resources available such as laptops and staff iPads. The school has now added HUE HD cameras to their range of resources. All children were provided with work packs that contain worksheets, paper resources and some practical resources that they will need to complete their remote learning activities. This allows children with limited IT devices in the home to continue with their learning.

Lessons are planned in the same way that they are when teaching face-to-face and they aim to extend the learning of the children. Activities that are familiar to the children from the classroom have been carried over to the remote classroom. Teachers record videos within their comfort zone, suited to the planned learning. For some this includes talking directly to the camera to explain a task or to teach an activity, just as they would in school. For others it includes talking while screen recording or providing practical explanation and demonstrations. Video resources already available online are also utilised and linked to the lessons. Daily Numeracy and Literacy lessons are provided with all other subjects covered throughout the week.   

A challenge of remote learning has been staying connected with each other. The school maintains relationships by communicating regularly with parents and children via email, comments in Google Classroom and messages on Class DoJo. Weekly assemblies allow the opportunity to chat and weekly video calls within classes to allow a ‘catch-up’.

Duneane Primary school is constantly sharing good practice with each other, evaluating and tweaking as they go along. Parents can feedback any issues or thoughts which is vital. Staff talking over their experiences helps everyone. The school don’t want to replace face-to-face teaching with remote teaching, but will make remote teaching the best that they can.


25 February 2021