Karen Mullan Sinn Fein and Barry Mulholland CSSC

Discussions surrounding education system in Northern Ireland

Barry Mulholland, Chief Executive, Controlled Schools' Support Council met with Karen Mullan, Education spokesperson for Sinn Féin, at Parliament Buildings, Stormont on Wednesday 8 January 2020.

This is part of a process through which CSSC has been engaging with political parties around the challenges facing controlled schools specifically and the education system in general. During the meeting Mr Mulholland outlined the pressures on controlled schools’ budgets and the impact this was having on learning and teaching. 

This is the third meeting CSSC has had with political parties. Mr Mulholland recently met with representatives of the DUP and Ulster Unionists and meetings have been planned with other party representatives in the coming days to discuss the need for investment in Northern Ireland’s education system.


9 January 2020