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CSSC put their running shoes on for charity!

The Controlled Schools Support Council is fielding a relay team in this year's Belfast Marathon to raise funds for Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland. (ADNI)

The charity provides 'life changing' dogs to families with children who are on the autistic spectrum.

Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to meet the needs of both the child and parents. They provide a steadying influence for the child, many of whom have a tendency to run off if afraid in strange places. The dog will be trained to prevent this.

Autism Assistance Dogs have been shown to:

• improve levels of safety for children with autism by increasing freedom for both the child and family outside the home

• promote positive changes in behaviour by addressing challenging behaviour

• reduce stress and reliance on medication by enhancing the development of social skills, self- esteem and self-confidence.

During these testing times, dealing with Covid-19 can be difficult for some. That is when ADNI therapy dogs become even more vital in people’s lives. Your donation could make a significant difference in helping ADNI continue its work to train puppies in the future to change lives!

£5.00 Could buy an interactive toy for a pup or dog to stimulate learning.

£10.00 Could buy an ADNI Dog ID.

£25.00 Could buy a jacket for an assistance dog to provide access to public places.

Please donate to our team fundraising event via CSSC’s Just Giving page to help this important work continue.