CSSC Non-Selective Post-Primary Leadership Scholarship

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) is pleased to announce a second application process for the Scholarship programme for senior leaders of non-selective controlled post-primary schools. 

The purpose of the Scholarship is to offer funding towards a Unit of the Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status course, provided through the Chartered College of Teaching.

CSSC Scholarship 2024

Why the Chartered College of Teaching ‘Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status’ pathway?
CSSC launched the Scholarship programme in 2020, funded by legacy monies from the former Secondary Heads’ Association. The Scholarship provided funding towards Excellence in School Leadership with Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status which was offered through the Chartered College of Teaching at that time. 

Subsequently the Chartered College of Teaching revised the format to a four unit modular course entitled Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status. Applicants have up to three years to complete an Introductory Unit and four core Units and thereafter make application for Chartered Status. The modular approach offers a more balanced approach to study combined with work and home life.

The Chartered College of Teaching presents a unique opportunity for Senior Leaders to undertake a professional development course which will lead to Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status.Chartered Status recognises evidence-informed, high-quality leadership practice, benefiting schools, children and young people.

This development opportunity aligns with Learning Leaders: A Strategy for Teacher Professional Learning (DENI 2016) and in particular the Key Area of Building Leadership Capacity and Policy Commitment 11, ‘School leaders will have opportunities to access extended professional learning – this may take the form of additional study or placements in other organisations including within and beyond the education sector.’ Read more about extending professional learning at Learning Leaders, 2016, Page 14)

What is the Chartered College of Teaching, Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status programme?
Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status is a professional accreditation that celebrates the knowledge and expertise of highly accomplished practising school leaders. The accreditation provides formal recognition to executive headteachers, headteachers, deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers, directors, and heads of school, who have either whole-school or cross-school responsibility and have attained an advanced standard of practice.’  (Extract from Chartered College of Teaching website.)

Click on this link to access the Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status pathway brochure.

How will undertaking the Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status pathway benefit you and your school?
The pathway provides a range of benefits for you, your school, the teachers you work with and ultimately, your pupils.


  • Enjoy increased autonomy over your learning and development as part of a personalised professional pathway.
  • Receive certification for engaging in high-quality, evidence-informed CPD from across the sector.
  • Build and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise through a series of assessments, designed to support meaningful improvement in your context.
  • Draw critically on research and evidence to evaluate your practice and impact on children and young people in your setting.
  • Gain professional recognition through a rigorous accreditation process and the award of Chartered Status

(Extract from Chartered Status: A professional learning and accreditation pathway supporting career-long development)

Click here to access further information about Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status and the Registration Link.

CSSC Non-Selective Post-Primary Leadership Scholarship

Who should apply for the CSSC Non-Selective Post-Primary Leadership Scholarship?

Eligibility Criteria

The CSSC Scholarship is available to serving Principals, Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals or members of an SMT in a non-selective controlled post-primary school.  To be considered for the scholarship funding you should:

  • have a minimum of three years’ experience of leadership across a whole school setting.
  • have been accepted onto the Chartered (Leadership) Status pathway (membership of the Chartered College is a pre-requisite)
  • have completed the Introductory Course: Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status (self-funded) and
  • have been accepted for one of the following Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status Units:

Unit 1: Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice £99

Unit 2: Development of Teaching Practice Award (Leadership) £179

Unit 3: Education Research and Inquiry Certificate (Leadership) £179

Unit 4: Professional Knowledge Award (Leadership) £139

(Applicants should not be in receipt of funding from another source for the Unit for which funding is being sought through the CSSC Scholarship)

CSSC Application process and shortlisting

Applicants must become a member of the Chartered College (£49.50/year) and complete the Introductory Course (£49) if they wish to be considered for the CSSC Non-Selective Post-Primary Leadership Scholarship.

Details of The Chartered College of Teaching membership can be found here.  

The Chartered College of Teaching eligibility criteria for Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status and registration for the Introductory Course can be found here

On successful application for any one of the four Chartered College, Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status Units identified above, applicants wishing to be considered for the CSSC Scholarship are invited to submit a Scholarship application to CSSC.

Applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Personal details.
  • Position of responsibility within the school, length of service and completed years in a leadership role.
  • Acceptance to the Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status pathway.
  • Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status Unit for which you wish to apply for CSSC Scholarship funding. (See Eligibility Criteria)
  • How this will build upon your professional development? (250 Word Limit)
  • How this will benefit your school? (250 Word Limit)

Scholarship applications will be shortlisted (Panel to be appointed by CSSC) based on having met the CSSC eligibility criteria and provision of information requested. Scholarships will be offered on a first come first served basis to the limit of the funding available. Applicants will initially be required to pay the Chartered College of Teaching when applying for the Unit of study. CSSC will reimburse applicants through the Scholarship Scheme upon successful completion of the Unit of study.  Applicants will be requested to supply evidence of having completed the Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Unit.

Acceptance on the Chartered College, Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status pathway does not guarantee that you will be successful in an application for the CSSC Non-Selective Post-Primary Leadership Scholarship.

Access the application form for the CSSC Non-Selective Post Primary Leadership Scholarship below. Please note that the scholarship application must be returned electronically to info@csscni.org.uk by 12 midnight on Friday 01 November 2024. 

CSSC provides high quality professional support enabling controlled school leaders to raise standards and make an impact in their schools.