CSSC attends shared learning day at the Museum of Orange Heritage

CSSC team members attended the recent shared learning day at the Museum of Orange Heritage in Belfast on Friday 22 September. 

We were pleased to join colleagues from the Education Authority, CCEA and the Governing Bodies Association. 

Our hosts, David Scott, Services and Outreach Manager for the Grand Orange of Lodge of Ireland and museum curator Jonathan Mattison, provided an insightful tour of the museum, highlighting the story of Orangeism in terms of Irish, British and world history. 

The museum has hosted schools from all sectors, with children encouraged to get ‘hands on’ with some of the exhibits. 

As David Scott explains, 

the Museum of Orange Heritage is part of our REACH (Reaching out through cultural heritage) project, which aims to create understanding, education, tolerance, and mutual respect through our ‘shared space’ educational and resource centres. 

The museum displays tell the story of the foundation of the Orange Institution as well as its traditions, development and place in British, Irish and World society. 

Our outreach work is a major part of this initiative and we are keen to engage with schools, to invite them in learn more through our educational workbooks and museum handling boxes. 

We have a range of education tools available and can link in with various aspects of the curriculum, including workbooks for key stage 2 and 3 that cover subjects such as the Glorious Revolution; World war I, World War II, Identity and learning to work with Historical resources and evidence. Allied to this we have museum handling boxes that explore aspects of the Williamite and Jacobite War in Ireland, World War I and the Orange Order. 

Following the event, Jayne Millar, Head of Education Support for CSSC said, 

We had a very informative tour of the museum and it was interesting to learn more about the resources that are available to schools and the education programmes that the museum offers. 

There are opportunities for young people from all sides of the community to engage with very professionally presented exhibition in the context of shared education and learning.

If you wish to learn more about the Museum of Orange Heritage, please visit the website 


Published on 8 November 2017