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CSSC appoints Mark Baker as Chief Executive

CSSC Chair, Mark Orr QC is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Baker as Chief Executive for the Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC).  

It is expected that Mark will take up the position in mid-June.  

Mark has been Assistant Director of Education with the Education Authority (EA) since June 2017 and is a member of the EA Senior Leadership Team. His current responsibilities include operational responsibility for school improvement for over 350 schools and support for effective School Governance including the managing authority role across controlled schools. 

A member of the Education Directorate Management Team, Mark has led on the implementation of the Education Authority's collaborative Locality Leadership Network strategy and amongst over areas has strategic oversight for C2k.

Mark has a strong background in shared education overseeing the rollout of shared education throughout Northern Ireland for EA from May 2015 and previously working for Queen’s University Belfast to oversee an externally funded shared education research and school collaboration programme which included successfully lobbying for legislative change. Additionally, Mark has a background in international education and is an English Language Teacher.

Mark Orr, CSSC Chair welcomed the appointment saying,

“On behalf of all at CSSC, I warmly welcome Mark Baker as the new Chief Executive of CSSC. Mark brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the issues for controlled schools to the role and I look forward to working with him. 

“I would also like to express the thanks of everyone in the organisation to Barry Mulholland for his excellent leadership of the organisation since its establishment in 2016 and to Shane McCurdy who took over the role from January, on an interim basis.”

Speaking about his appointment, Mr Mark Baker said,

“It is a privilege to become Chief Executive of CSSC, especially in its 5th year and I look forward to joining the team and working with all across the education sector.

“These are challenging times in education and in the controlled sector and I will work closely with all to ensure that CSSC continues to play a leading role in maintaining and improving the standards of education of our children and young people. As we address the challenges of COVID-19, CSSC will continue to support the leadership of schools as they work to prioritise the welfare of all pupils, teachers and the wider school community.”


27 April 2021