First Minister Craigavon Senior high school NI centenary

Craigavon Senior High School welcomes First Minister in NI centenary celebration

Craigavon Senior High School Principal, Ruth Harkness welcomed First Minister, Mrs Arlene Foster MLA, to view a special exhibition of favourite memories and Northern Ireland locations designed by pupils as part of their centenary celebrations.

First Minister, Mrs Arlene Foster MLA, commended the inspirational display of images and prose adding,

“I was delighted to meet with students and hear from them about what matters most to them. It is clear that they have a love and a passion for this place that I share. The only point of difference between us is whether Fermanagh’s lakes or Armagh’s orchards make the top spot on the finest place to live.

“As we turn into our second century, it is important that we remember what is great about this place. We have an amazing landscape of great natural beauty and wonderful people who are warm and generous of spirit.

“Certainly down the generations there have been challenges, perhaps none greater than the pandemic, but we have also seen how much we can achieve when we work with shared understanding for the common good.”

Ruth Harkness, Principal of Craigavon Senior High, commented,

“This year marks an important milestone in our history. We want to give our students the opportunity to shine a light on what makes Northern Ireland so special and to celebrate its culture and traditions.

"We are delighted that the First Minister was able to join us today, and that our students have been able to share their thoughts on the contribution Northern Ireland has made over the last 100 years."

Craigavon Senior High School Centenary Celebrations included the History department hosting games to showcase the 1900s. Pupils ran, cycled and swam 100k to celebrate the centenary and a gallery displaying pupils’ reflections on their favourite place in Northern Ireland. Plus lots more too! The First Minister also took part in a tree planting ceremony at the school during the centenary celebrations visit.



26 May 2021