Collaboration to bring focus to controlled schools’ issues

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) and Education Authority (EA) have today, Monday 14 May 2018, affirmed their collaborative approach to partnership working by publishing a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

The MoU sets out a framework for the two organisations to work together for the interests of controlled schools. 

CSSC Chief Executive Barry Mulholland said,

I am delighted that this MoU has been agreed.  As EA is the managing authority for the 558 schools that CSSC represents, it is critical that we work closely together on areas of mutual interest for controlled nursery, special, primary and post-primary schools.

The MoU also ensures that there will be no duplication of resources and, indeed, will help CSSC focus its efforts where it can effect the most change.

CSSC has already worked in partnership with EA on a range of issues, including area planning and governor reconstitution.  I am also pleased that EA colleagues have been involved in some of our conferences and events.

EA Director of Education John Collings said,

To be successful, EA and CSSC need to ensure that we continue to complement each other’s work through our partnership working. 

EA is pleased that the MoU is establishing an open and respectful relationship across our organisations with continuous dialogue and exchange of information on matters relating to current issues facing controlled schools.

The MoU is available to read here.