BPS P1-P3 back to school

Braniel Nursery and Primary School celebrate return to school

Braniel Nursery and Primary school were delighted to welcome all their Nursery to Year 3 pupils back to school on 8 March.

It was a very exciting morning with balloon arches, ice-cream van and an outdoor disco. However, there was still half of their school family missing. 

The final piece of the puzzle was complete when on 22 March, all Nursery to Year 7 pupils were reunited!

Year 4 to Year 7 pupils were welcomed back with open arms and this time, as well as the ice-cream van, balloon arches and outdoor disco, there appeared 16 bouncy castles, popcorn and candy floss. An extra special touch was the cupcake and candle for every pupil and staff member to celebrate all the birthdays they’ve missed.

The school gave pupils the space and freedom they needed to simply catch up with each other. 

Miss Diane Dawson, Principal, Braniel Nursery and Primary School or ‘Miss Diane’ as she is known to her pupils added,

“We are elated to have all our little people back. Our school family is complete again and the school is bursting with the sounds of laugher and friendship.”



16 April 2021