Bangor Academy Year 10 Chinese New Year artwork

Bangor Academy showcase art portfolios

The Bangor Academy Arts Department is proud to showcase some of their pupils’ recent work depicting the Year of the Ox, which is the animal representing the Chinese New Year.

Perfect timing as the Chinese New Year runs from 12 February 2021 until 31 January 2022. The pupils are enjoying learning more about the Year of the Ox whilst adding to their art portfolios.

The Art Department sets work for all pupils on Google Classroom and have regular Google Meets where the students can see the teachers and use this facility to chat about their work. Teachers are motivating their pupils with fun and visually stimulating and colourful presentations to explain the work by sharing previous examples of work and inspirational images. Setting flexible tasks using materials students have at home ensures they can commence work immediately and teachers also include live video links for the pupils to watch to help with their research and understanding of the topic.

If pupils don’t have the necessary materials available, the school has art materials ready for pupils to collect. This ensures everyone has all the resources they need to collate pieces for their art portfolio.

 Janet Boal, Head of Bangor Academy Art and Design Department, commented,

“The majority of the pupils have responded very well to remote learning. They look forward to their art lesson each week and have been putting in a lot of effort to complete their work to a high standard. These posters showcase the amazing work of Year 10 pupils with the theme of Chinese New Year celebrations.”


26 February 2021