A level delight for Dromore High

Elation abounded in Dromore High this week as the school community celebrated a wonderful set of post 16 results.

Everyone connected with Dromore High is overjoyed with these results,

said principal Ian McConaghy, who reflected the delight of everyone connected with the school at the news of the superb performance. 

Our senior pupils deserve great credit along with all the staff who worked with them and the very supportive parents we are privileged to work with.  This set of results has opened the doors to third level education for many of our pupils. 

The results are an indication of the high quality, comprehensive sixth form experience offered here in Dromore High which prepares pupils not only for the rigours of the exam process, but also for the next stages of their lives be that a university degree, a higher level apprenticeship or employment.

The pass rate for the school is 100% at A*-E is and 70% of pupils achieved three A*-C grades. 

Dromore High pupils will now join the swelling ranks of alumni found in universities across the UK.  In September they will be commencing third level courses in the arts, education, nursing, science, pharmacy, law, finance, agriculture, journalism, civil engineering, I.T and social care to name just a few. 

Some pupils will choose to study locally at the regional college and some may choose to move straight into higher level apprenticeships or employment, 

added Mr McConaghy. 

Reflecting our school ethos all our pupils know that, irrespective of the path they choose we are equally and justly proud of all their achievements and their choices.

It has been a tremendous privilege working with this group of pupils and we wish them God’s blessing and every success in their future endeavours. We trust that the pupils will take with them much more than an excellent set of results and wonderful memories, but also skills and attitudes such as compassion and care for others that we have endeavoured to instil and that will make them a positive influence wherever they go.

In congratulating all pupils Mr McConaghy made specific mention of some outstanding individual successes.  These include: 

Zara Malcolmson – 2A* and 1A

Charles Wright – 1A* and 2A

Alix Aiken, Taylor Annett, Suzannah Scott and Shania Snowdon –2A* and 1B

Ben Heath, Grace Lilburn and Anna Poots - 1A*, 1A and 1B

Caitlin Allen-Collins, Alexander Girvan, Alison McCready and Alison Totten – 2A and 1B

Rebecca Cahoon, Sarah Johnston, Robert Long, Kerry McDowell, Ross Morrow, Hanna Haslem and Abbie-Louise McCrum –1A* and 2B


22 August 2018