Ethos and Leadership Programme 2023 2024

Personal Ethos

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This theme investigates the personal ethos of the Principal or Senior Leader and their central role in establishing the ethos, strategic direction and priorities for school improvement.  Participants will self-reflect on their values, emotional intelligence and leadership styles and be encouraged to challenge themselves to develop their leadership capacity through a coaching approach.   


Personal Ethos One (Self-Awareness) enables Principals to reflect on how values, personality characteristics and leadership styles impact on personal ethos. Consideration is given to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how self-awareness can facilitate personal ethos development.

Duration: One day

Delivery: Stranmillis University College 

Date: 16 January 2024


Personal Ethos Two (Relationships) establishes the Principal’s role in fostering an ethos of effective and meaningful relationships across a range of stakeholders.  Participants will explore how to build rapport, establish trust, listen actively and manage conflict to contribute to the ethos of the school.

Duration: One day

Delivery: Stranmillis University College 

Date: 26 March 2024


Personal Ethos Three (Executive Coaching) provides coaching support for school leaders, a development opportunity which will facilitate focused conversations, reflective thinking and positive mindsets to enhance skills and actions.  Additionally, coaching support will be offered to newly appointed Principals for the duration of their first year, with potential for expansion into Year 2 (this will complement the mentoring support for first time principals currently offered by the Education Authority).

Duration: One hour sessions

Delivery: School based

Date: 23/24 dates to be agreed with coach 

Date: 24/25 dates to be agreed with coach 

Date: 25/26 dates to be agreed with coach 


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