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Governor training - what's next?

CSSC Governor Training Programme 2022/2023

CSSC will deliver two separate governor training sessions specifically for governors of controlled schools. Whilst both sessions will focus on the unique and inclusive nature of ethos in controlled schools, each individual session will consider different aspects of ethos (see description below for detail). Please note these sessions will be offered as face to face or virtual and governors of controlled schools can choose to attend one or both.

Session 1: will commence with reflection on the importance of ethos and how to develop a shared ethos. Guidance on how to evaluate school ethos will also be considered and links between ethos, vision, mission and values will be explored. The session will examine the importance of key policy documents and how they contribute towards the fostering and developing of ethos on a whole school basis. Governors will also consider how a school’s ethos journey can be charted, evaluated and in some cases challenged in controlled schools.

Session 2: will explore how school ethos can be embedded in all aspects of school life, consideration will be given to the roles of key stakeholders in school who lead ethos on a day to day basis along with the importance of ensuring the ethos is fully inclusive. The session will examine the importance of relationships and how Governors make a significant contribution through this critical element of the school ethos. Governors will consider how a trauma informed approach can enhance their school ethos and how adopting such approaches can support the resilience of the whole school community. Governors will be encouraged to evaluate current support for the emotional health and wellbeing of staff and reflect on the opportunities which present to strengthen these supports and enhance school improvement efforts. 

Do you want to know more about what's involved? Watch some of the below videos to give you an idea of what was covered in the 21/22 CSSC governor training. 


Bobby Thompson, Chair of Governors at Ballyclare Nursery School, in conversation with CSSC Schools' Support Officer Tracey Woods, discusses the importance of the relationship between the Chair and the Principal in developing and strengthening school ethos.


Maeve Maxwell, Chair of Governors at Roddensvale School, in conversation with Schools' Support Officer Tracey Woods, discusses the impact that parent governors can have on developing and strengthening a school ethos.


Chris Dorrian, Chair of Governors at Silverstream PS, in conversation with Schools' Support Officer Tracey Woods, discusses the importance of relationships and trust in developing and strengthening a school ethos.


Diane Rathfield, Chair of Governors at Limavady High School, in conversation with School Support Officer Derek Harkness, discusses the importance of ‘openness’ in helping governors to support the school leadership team as they develop and strengthen the school ethos.