Erasmus+ events and activities

Research-based professional learning opportunities will be provided through the activities and events associated with this project.

The overarching aim will be key to building the capacity and confidence of teachers when teaching problem-solving in mathematics in technology rich environments.

The project activities ran over two years and concluded with an international conference on 20 August 2019.

Learning, teaching and training activities

These were three day long professional development opportunities to develop teacher competence and confidence in teaching problem-solving in technology rich environments. The four topics for these activities were as follows.

  • Problem-solving approaches.
  • Using Geogebra to enrich problem-solving.
  • Using technology to present a problem-solving activity. 
  • Using technologies to develop problem-solving activities.

Multiplier event

The project finished with an international conference, which was held in Northern Ireland on 20 August 2019.

The conference disseminated the learning from the project to delegates from the participating partner conferences.