Erasmus+ project team in Glasgow
Erasmus+ project team in Glasgow
Jonny Hall, Kilcooley PS; Jemma McAlonan, Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College; Jill Brown, School Support Officer CSSC; Katarina Sandbacka, Vamia Finland; Misa Muotio, Vamia Finland; Kirsten Søs Spahn, UCC Denmark; Jackie Howie, Learning Link Scotland; Jayne Millar Head of Education and Support CSSC; Mark Prendergast, Trinity College Dublin


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership

Having secured €140,000 for project to enhance pupil performance in solving problems within mathematics, we are delighted that teachers from Kilcooley Primary School and Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College will participate.  

The two year project focuses on teaching problem solving in technology rich environments and will conclude with an international conference in Northern Ireland on 20 August 2019. Find out more here.

EU Flag  With the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union