Good practice primary school case studies

There are 388 controlled primary schools providing education for 88,145 pupils in Northern Ireland.

CSSC is pleased to have worked with a number of primary schools to provide case studies which showcase initiatives and techniques to enhance the quality of education and pupil outcomes. 

The case studies below feature seven examples of innovative practice from controlled primary schools. The case studies feature Ballyholme Primary School, Bocombra Primary School, Donaghadee Primary School, Drumachose Primary School, Gibson Primary School, Gorran Primary School and Windsor Hill Primary School. 

The importance of school culture and ethos is an area which a number of schools focused on.  For example Gibson Primary School has sought to develop a culture of inclusion, including a language support centre. Windsor Hill Primary School’s motto ‘care, courtesy and consideration’ has developed and deepened the school’s supportive culture. Ballyholme Primary School’s pastoral care was found by inspectors to be outstanding, and the school is registered as a Unicef Rights Respecting School (RRS). 

Donaghadee Primary School has ensured school improvement though a strengthened school development plan and on developing the ICT skills of all staff.  Drumachose Primary School also focused on staff development, though establishing effective leadership structures and building the capacity of middle leadership. 

Bocombra Primary School has prioritized self-evaluation, monitoring strategies and the use of data to inform action. In addition it has focused on raising literacy and numeracy standards, particularly at key stage one. 

Gorran Primary School has introduced an outdoor play area to develop problem solving and investigative approaches. 

Download each of the case studies in the section below.