Good practice post primary school case studies

Practice across the controlled sector is characterised by a range of innovative approaches that focus on raising attainment. 

CSSC has worked with a number of post primary schools to ascertain how they are working to improve pupil achievement.  

The case studies featuring Lisneal College, Priory Integrated College, Markethill High School, Regent House School, Laurelhill Community College and Carrickfegus Grammar School give a sample of the creativity and innovation of schools in the controlled sector. 

A number of the case studies emphasise the importance of effective pastoral care, not only in terms of enhanced educational outcomes but also in preparing emotionally healthy, happy and resilient young people. 

For example, Lisneal College has focused on its pastoral care, resulting in boys outperforming girls.  Priory Integrated College has focused on pastoral care as well as broadening the curriculum offer.  This method was also employed in Laurelhill Community College, opening up a range of progression pathways to pupils.  

Staff development has been key to improving attainment at Markethill High School and Regent House which, combined with effective use of data, has led to better attainment, showing the importance of data and having an evidence base to implement change. 

Effective support networks, advice and counselling services and tailored programmes for each year group are now integrated into school life for Carrickfergus Grammar School’s 800 pupils. 

CSSC has also published an assessment of attainment and performance in the controlled schools’ sector here

Lisneal College

Markethill High School

Priory Integrated College

Regent House

Laurelhill Community College

Carrickfergus Grammar School