Good practice nursery school case studies

Nursery school education provides a foundation for children as they enter the school environment and CSSC has worked with a range of nursery schools which have employed innovative and creative practices to create excellent learning environments. 

The case studies feature Ashgrove Nursery School, Barbour Nursery School, Dromore Nursery School and Limavady Nursery School. 

The importance of placing the needs of the child at the centre of planning and development is emphasised in a number of the case studies. 

For example, Limavady Nursery School focuses on the individual child, creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for them to flourish. Dromore Nursery School has developed a unique outdoor learning environment, making use of authentic natural resources. Ashgrove Nursery School and Barbour Nursery School give priority to parental involvement to effectively support children’s progress. 

Download each of the case studies in the section below.