Erasmus 'act it out' photo

Erasmus+ problem-solving approaches

In February 2018, the Erasmus+ project team visited University College Capital (UCC) in Copenhagen to explore problem-solving approaches.

The professional development took place over three days and incorporated sessions led by Dr Mark Prendergast from Trinity College Dublin, Kirsten Søs Spahn from UCC, Denmark and observation of classroom practice.  Local Danish teachers joined the project team during these sessions.

All sessions were interactive, with time for discussion and reflection.  The participants explored key themes such as:

•             problem-solving - theory and research

•             problem-solving approaches

•             problem-solving and technology

•             problem posing

Carefully chosen practical activities enabled participants to explore how the theory and research should influence classroom practice and to consider how students might be encouraged to develop confidence in using different problem solving strategies such as:

•             trial and improvement

•             draw a diagram

•             look for a pattern

•             act it out

•             draw a table

•             simplify the problem

•             use an equation

•             work backwards

•             eliminate possibilities.

After the professional development sessions were complete, the project team met to evaluate the sessions and the progress made by the team against the work plan.  Initial discussions explored the content and delivery of the professional development sessions that took place, in June 2018, at Bangor, Northern Ireland.