Governors: The way ahead

CSSC will engage with governors of controlled schools to inform future work.

The Controlled Schools’ Support Council (CSSC) values the contribution of Governors in controlled schools. An important strategic function for CSSC is to encourage and nominate governors in controlled schools and ensure ethos is part of employment considerations. 

We are delighted that many schools are now in a position to call the first meeting of the newly constituted Board of Governors. There is no requirement for schools to re-register with CSSC but we would appreciate principals highlighting the role of CSSC when drawing governors’ attention to the scheme of management for controlled schools

We would welcome the opportunity to attend a meeting of your Board of Governors. This would enable a representative from CSSC to engage with governors to raise awareness of the functions of CSSC and listen to governors’ views on key issues. This will help to inform CSSC regarding how the organisation can best represent the interests of controlled schools and the sector as a whole.

A discussion from each meeting attended will result in a summary report outlining the key themes and recommendations to inform CSSC work going forward.

We would therefore welcome the opportunity to attend an upcoming meeting.

To request the attendance of a CSSC representative at your next BOG meeting please email